Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday, October 11, 2007

where i'm from - today

i am from fresh starts and rising sun
from morning glory barefoot on dewdrop grass
i am from rise and shine and stretch it out
from cheerios and to-do's - milk and kisses
from lunch notes and hairbrushes
from a heart spread all over be collected again at 3
from dances in the kitchen at 4
and shameless singing all the way across town at 5

but home is where my soul warms, here my spirit rests
where your dimples and big brown eyes make me act all a fool
where i'll do most anything to watch you smile as the sun turns orange and the crickets sing
here is where we'll spin family out of belly laughs and snaggle-tooth grins
where we'll eat your favorite mac and cheese again
where i'll read you one more story
where there are bubbles in the tub tonight
and where i'll tuck the covers all snug 'round you before i kiss you to sleep
because here is where you're from

Hidden Souls

by Brittney

I am from a place full of hidden souls
People just passin you by
Just like the wind in the sky
To busy to stop & talk
More interested in their own walk
Crowded on sidewalk streets
Where kids have barely enough to eat
I am confused
Just on how some people could be so rude
Unlike me
Some people choose not to stop think or see
In places like this you can achieve
And ladies & gentlemen
I am a dreamer.

North Durham

by Mac

I am from where Gang
Members live
I am from where people
Get killed
I am from the Hood
I am from where everybody
Smoke that good
I am from where
them bloods live
I am from where you will get hurt for wearing the wrong
Everywhere u go u smell weed
Do u know where I'm from


by Keon

I am from the hood where we break wood
An everybody standin in the cut with guns coc back
Kids runnin around with no playground
And the cops runnin around putting work down
Everythin is moving good now
Until the police got a call sayin cop down.
I'm from a place where I feel like I ain't got no face
This place sometimes feels like a waste
In this place will I find a face
One day I will find a suitcase
That will lead me 2 a new place.